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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dress Like Celebrity work?

We’re a fashion-obsessed team. We follow Bollywood stars and style icons, and scour fashion blogs to ensure that we only purchase the most stylish and beautiful outfits/jewellery. Our in-house stylists curate looks to allow you to book an entire outfit and take the stress out of dressing. Just choose the look of your dreams, and get the fashionable look in your budget.

We provide outfits for weddings, parties and the entire set of events that come with them. If you’re the bride, the groom, the mother, the friend, the sibling, the father or any guest – we’ve got something for you!

What if the dresses I ordered don't fit?

It can be stressful not knowing if a dress will fit... that's why we created the Love Your Look Promise. Here's how we'll make sure you absolutely love your look (we won't rest until you do!). Don't Worry! We'll help you find another dress. You can swap your original dress for another style, no appointment necessary. If the style you select is more expensive, you will be charged the difference in price. If the style is less expensive, you will be given a merchandise credit for the difference in price.

Can I make an appointment at a Dress Like Celebrity store for my bridal party?

Yes. Please call or email our Bridal Specialists to make an appointment.
Email dresslikecelebrity@gmail.com with "Bridal Inquiry" in the subject line or You can also Call 9555350703 / 9555350704/ 011-40541607 for appointments.

What if I’m late returning the outfit?

Ouch! We’d hate for that to happen and encourage you to avoid that at all costs. We rely on you to return our products on time so that we are able to fulfill our promise to our other customers. Sadly, we will have to charge a late fee for any delay – this will be adjusted against your security deposit.

Can I rent an outfit for more than a couple of days?

Yes, you can pick up an outfit for as many days as you want. However, this is subject to availability of the outfit and may involve additional charges.

Can Dress Like Celebrity design an outfit specific to my needs?

Of Course! Just upload a photo of the desired design here or you can drop by at any of our stores to meet the designers.

I'm having issues viewing your website.

Please ensure that the browser you are using is up to date to ensure it is not a compatibility problem. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact us.