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Terms & Conditions

It is assumed that customers have read, understood and agreed to the listed Terms & Conditions. Placing an order is considered acceptance of these conditions.

This contract is the an agreement between the Renter and Dress Like celebrity(DLC). It is agreed that these terms are contractual and cannot be altered by another current written or by oral agreement. Following confirmed receipt of rental fee, DLC will send full Rental Agreement to Renter. The full Rental Agreement will further specify rental fee, applicable late fees, value of dress, and commencement and termination date of rental, transaction.

Renter acknowledges that the Dress is the sole property of DLC or its consignor, and acknowledges that Renter received the Dress in good condition. Renter agrees to return the Dress in the same condition as received by Renter on the return date stated in this Agreement, ordinary wear and tear excepted. No alterations may be performed on the Dress without prior permission from Company. Renter agrees: (i) not to use the Dress for other than its intended use as a wedding dress; (ii) not to allow anyone other than the Renter to try on or wear the Dress.

Our Products may be rented for use by individuals under 18 years of age, but we rent only to adults, who may rent the Products with a payment card or other approved payment methods. The Price shall be Dress Like Celebrity’s current Price, at the date of delivery of the Apparel, according to Dress Like Celebrity’s current Price list as detailed on this website. DLC reserves the right to change the Price in the event of a variation to the User’s requirements.

Payment in full must be made on booking. Payment may only be made by credit card (only Mastercard and Visa accepted) or by any other method as agreed to between between DLC and the User. We will charge your payment the amount of the Rental Fee immediately upon your rental order. A reservation of a product on our website is an order for the rental of that Product, regardless of how far in advance that Product is reserved.

You agree to treat the Products with great care. You are responsible for loss, destruction or damage to the Products due to theft, mysterious disappearance, fire, major stains or any other cause, other than normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear encompasses minor stains, rips, missing beads, stuck zippers or other minor damage. If You return a Product that is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, then You agree that we shall charge You, and You shall pay, for the price for repairing or replacing the Product, as determined in our discretion, up to the Retail Value for the Product.

Renter has to be present at the agreed date and time at the specified address given while placing an order with Dress Like Celebrity.

Accepted apparel/accessory cannot be returned without the fee being charged for. Once you have accepted the delivery, no request on refunds, alterations, exchanges may be entertained, however the decision of Dress Like Celebrity would be considered final. One signed copy of the a invoice is to be kept by each party.

In event of damage or loss, Renter authorizes to charge the deposit amount as full cost of repair of the dress or replacement cost of the dress (if damage is irreparable or if dress is lost).

If there is evidence of violation of any provision, Renter agrees to Indemnify Dress Like Celebrity for all losses, damage, costs, and expenses paid or incurred by DLC resulting therefrom.

Stains on apparel/accessory which are not removable via dry cleaning / cleaning will result in deposit amount being charged to the lessee. The extent of damage would be ascertained by comparing against the apparel as was delivered to you by Dress Like Celebrity. Any variation showing damages, if ascertained as not caused by normal wear and tear, would result in the deposit being retained.

At time of pick-up, please allow yourself enough time to try on your ensemble/garments to ensure the accuracy and fit. Our total liability claim or litigation arising from or related to the rental garments are limited to the amount of rental paid by the renter. On the day of your return be sure to empty your coat and pants pockets and collect all your belongings, as we are not responsible for any personal property items that are left in pockets or garment bags.

You agree to return the Products to Dress Like Celebrity on the return date for the products that is identified in the online/offline invoice for your order. You may extend Your order for a product on the website or by email to Dress Like Celebrity; provided that any extensions are subject to availability for that product and to pre-payment of the additional Rental Fee applicable to that Product for the period of time of the extension.

You agree and acknowledge that You are renting the Products and that ownership of the Products remains with Dress Like Celebrity at all times. We reserve the right to alter and/or add to our hire terms and conditions as required. Any amendments to our terms and conditions will be posted on our website and will be effective immediately upon the posting of those terms and conditions on our website. The renter is responsible for ensuring that they are aware of the latest terms and conditions and that hire of any items is an acknowledgement by the renter of our terms and conditions as amended.

Dress Like Celebrity reserve the right to terminate your right to rent products from us at any time in the event of your breach of this Agreement or for no reason or any other reason in our discretion.